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We are Sabrena Jo and Matt Scanlon – hosts of the fitness podcast Tonos Radio.


the fitness scientist

Sabrena has been actively involved in the fitness industry since 1987. She earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise science as well as a master’s degree in physical education, both from the University of Kansas. As a certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and health coach, she has taught group exercise and owned her own personal-training and health-coaching businesses. Currently, Sabrena is the Senior Exercise Scientist for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) ( Also, she likes to hang upside from fabric and fling her partner around in their acrobatic routines (



the fitness entrepreneur

Matt has been an entrepreneur since childhood and made his foray into fitness in 2011 when founded TheHillKC – a Kansas City-based Private Coaching Studio, CrossFit Affilate, and Specialty Group Class Facility. Matt is also a part of the executive team at 321GoProject – a marketing firm and business coaching company in the fitness space.


The Podcast

Tonos Radio began through a series of conversations between Sabrena and Matt around our frustrations with the fitness industry. Our goal with the podcast is to provide a humorous look into evidence-based health and fitness practices using our Kaizen principle.

Health, fitness, nutrition, and weight-loss are all difficult subjects to navigate. The industry is full of myths and gurus. This podcast exists to present evidence-based practices in a funny, but straightforward manner.

Tune in to the podcast each week for a few laughs and plenty of information.